Steve Carell Executive Producing Comedy Interview Series for Showtime

Steve CarellSteve Carell, where will your post-Office days take you? Will you mount heavy dramas and artsy biopics? Maybe get behind the camera and shoot a documentary about impoverished Aborigines? Or will showbiz altogether leave you… after all, there are mountains to climb, oceans to explore, depths of the earth to this day undiscovered by man… oh, you’re staying in TV? Yeah, that’s good. We’re all comfortable with that.

Carell will be executive producing a new series, Laughing Stock, for Showtime. The show will feature thirty-minute interviews with great contributors to comedy of this and past generations. Included thus far are Judd Apatow, Mel Brooks, Larry David, Ellen DeGeneres, Tina Fey, Carl Reiner and Jerry Seinfeld. The interviewers will be conducted by David Steinberg, who will also play executive producer beside Carell.

The series will premiere on Showtime early in 2012.

Source: Hollywood Reporter