Steve Martin Predicts His Own Death: Late Last Night

I have a very important question: Why is Steve Martin so good at EVERYTHING? The guy is hilarious, he can play the banjo like the best of ’em, and he writes REALLY good books. Maybe it’s some sort of payoff for having gray hair for most of his adult life? But who cares. Steve Martin is awesome. He stopped by The Colbert Report to play banjo and further his awesomeness. That’s really all you need to know.

The always lovely Liv Tyler stopped by Jimmy Kimmel to talk about what it’s like when your dad is Steven Tyler. For one thing, you have one hell of a back-up date to your movie premieres and you have access to your own forest of scarves? Come on, it’s Steven Tyler; don’t even ask.

The charming star of NBC’s Chuck and last year’s Tangled, Zachary Levi, stopped by to chat with Jay Leno about all the fake spy movie tricks and his own bout of Bieber fever?