Steven Seagal’s ‘Lawman’ is Returning To TV

Steven Seagal is JesusOh boy, this is awesome. America’s favorite sheriff (other than Shaq and Ted Nugent), Steven Seagal, is set to make a return to television with another season of his A&E reality show Lawman. Originally set in Louisiana, the show ran for two years. It hit a little bump when a production assistant accused Seagal of illegal sex trafficking (he had “unusual” requirements for sexual satisfaction) which halted production. Since this is America, Seagal’s requirements for sexual satisfaction aren’t a big deal and someone hired him to be on their sheriff team. Who’s the benevolent sheriff? Phoenix’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Good thing Arizona hasn’t been in the middle of a controversial illegal immigration debate for the past year. Oh wait. And good thing Sheriff Arpaio hasn’t been under federal investigation for civil rights violations and abuse of power. Oh wait.

Well, now we really can’t wait for Lawman to return.

Source: EW

Image and Meme Source: Filmdrunk