‘Suburgatory’: Alan Tudyk Teases Noah’s Breakdown, Revenge, and Living the Suite Life


One of TV’s most quirky comedies is without a doubt ABC’s Suburgatory. Their characters and plotlines seem to get bigger and brighter each and every episode, and each week we find ourselves genuinely giddy when the breezy comedy graces our TV screens. One of the most giggle-inducing characters is definitely Noah, the overly-infatuated maid-loving dentist and BFF to George. To get the inside scoop on all the upcoming shenanigans I chatted with Noah’s off-screen alter ego Alan Tudyk to talk about lost love, revenge, and living the suite life.

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In tonight’s all-new episode of Suburgatory “Brown Trembler,” post-divorce Noah and baby Opus move into a super swanky Chatswin hotel and the lure of round-the-clock service seems like heaven to our heart-broken fella. “Carmen was very loving caring, nurturing. She took care of him and she took care of things and Jill never did.” Tudyk explans, “So when he gets to the hotel, there are plenty of people taking care of him so it gets a little confusing for him.”

Cue best friend George, whose arrival at the suite seems to function as a way to persude Noah that a hotel may not be the best place to raise a child. That’s right! The only person who could ever truly pull that off is Miss Eloise at The Plaza. Tudyk reveals, “Noah starts to fall apart. In this week’s episode you’ll see that he’s definitely trying to figure out where he is you see Noah start to realize that he’s got to take his life a little bit more seriously. Take the break up a little more seriously.”

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The actor explains that tonight’s episode is really a turning point for Noah. “He’s just kind of in reaction to everything, Carmen rejecting him, has him rebounding at the hotel with any and everyone who kind of resembles Carmen,” he says. And although we’ll see Noah take the baby steps toward a more mature lifestyle, we’ll definitely still see him get his revenge on Dr. Bob for stealing his Latina love.

“He’s got a lot to deal with so it kind of goes on the back burner for a few episodes, but he is the immature person that he is, and he is plotting his revenge and we’ll get it before the season ends.” Turdyk promises that Noah’s retaliation will be much more than a simple prank. “It’s pretty serious. Noah really isn’t healthy when it comes to Dr. Bob, he’s really unstable so his reaction is intense and lasting.” Ooh we can’t wait!

Check out the special sneak peek clip from tonight’s all-new Suburgatory and watch Noah living the living it up in his new hotel room home!

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You can catch Suburgatory on Wednesdays at 9:30 PM ET/PT on ABC.

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