‘Suits’ Midseason Premiere: A Pearson Hardman Catch-up Dossier

Suits Midseason premiereEveryone’s favorite handsome lawer/non-lawyer-but-pretending-to-be-one dream team, Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) and Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams), return with brand-new legal hijinks in the midseason premiere of USA’s Suits. When we last saw the Pearson Hardman team, an internal power struggle had torn the team apart. Catch up with all the drama before the show returns for its midseason premiere on Thursday, Jan. 17:

Where we left off: Hardman was finally voted out of the firm, but Louis is now on the outs with Harvey and Jessica thanks to his short-term allegiance with their traitorous former boss. Mike finally decided to try a real relationship with Rachel, but failed big time when she caught him in bed with a married former fling. Also: After her temporary firing, Donna came back! (!!!!)

Biggest Jaw-Dropper of the fall: Grandma Ross’s death. Mike just wants to be loved, y’all. Where will he turn now?

Biggest Let-Down of the fall: Donna’s absence from the Pearson Hardman workplace. In most cases the appropriate cliche is “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone,” but in this case we knew exactly what hilarious banter and overall awesomeness we’d be missing.

Most Improved Character: Louis Litt. Sure, he betrayed Jessica and Harvey in the partnership vote. But in the first half of season two, Louis became a well-rounded character we actively root for (despite his tattletale tendencies). Can’t wait for more character development in the final six episodes.

Least Improved Character: Mike. Before you freak out: season two has been filled with growing pains for our beloved non-lawyer. Although he’s matured a lot since the pilot, the death of his grandmother triggered a backslide for Harvey’s protege. Hopefully he’ll be able to get his s–t together for the second batch of episodes.

5 Reasons You Should Keep Watching: 1. The arrival of Amanda Schull as a new adversary of sorts for Mike. Girlfriend can play sweet (Center Stage) or evil (One Tree Hill, Pretty Little Liars) — which one will assistant district attorney Katrina Bennett be? 2. More Donna. (Does that really need explanation?) 3. There’s trouble in paradise for Harvey and Jessica. They’ve struggled with a balance of power in the past, and now that Hardman’s not there to unite them, their relationship starts to crack. 4. We’ll see much more of Rachel’s back story and family life. 5. Since the mood in the office is tense following the Hardman ouster, there are some fantastic head-butting scenes between frenemies (or now just plain enemies?) Louis and Harvey. Plus: Someone major considers leaving the firm.

What we ultimately want to see: Mike and Rachel. Together. No…together. Yeah, that kind. You know you want it too.

What would make us turn our backs: Hardman returning to screw things up again. We need a new supervillain!

Suits airs Thursday nights at 10 p.m. on USA.

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