‘Suits’ Season 2 Finale Recap: About That Steamy Scene…

Suits Season 2 finale 

In the beginning, Suits was about a hotshot lawyer and the smart ne’er do well he took under his wing (who wasn’t technically a lawyer, but was smarter than most). But after two seasons, the USA dramedy has morphed into a funny drama about power dynamics in a female-led law firm and the relationships of its employees.

While much of the Season 2 finale action surrounded the pending merger of Pearson Hardman with the British firm of Harvey Spector’s brilliant ex-girlfriend, the most shocking, jaw-dropping (and downright sexy) moment didn’t surround the firm at all — it was an emotionally charged moment between almost-lovers Mike Ross (the non-lawyer lawyer in question) and Rachel Zane, the smart paralegal too shy to try for law school.

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Rachel confronted Mike about why he wouldn’t send Harvard Law School a letter objecting to her rejection, and although it seemed like he might keep his mouth shut yet again, he finally confessed to Rachel what he’d almost revealed many times before: He wasn’t actually a lawyer, and he never went to Harvard.

He didn’t want to lose her respect or admiration (or attraction, frankly), but he realized he’d lose her anyway if he didn’t tell her. Rachel ran away at first, but couldn’t deny the magnetic moment between her and Mike and they wound up in showing the Pearson Hardman file room the sexiest time it has ever seen. Don’t lie, this is a safe space: You totally rewound that a couple of times before you went to bed. You can tell yourself it was to examine what kind of core strength these two needed to balance their bodies across file shelves like that, but we all know the truth.

The post-Hardman aftermath was a major focus of the episode, too (sorry, it was the main focus, we’re just flustered still after that ending), with Jessica asserting her power over Harvey to make him realize that she’s still the dominant one in their partnership. Harvey lost his battle and the merger is happening, but he certainly won’t be happy.

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Elsewhere in the episode, Louis had some great interactions with Donna, and Donna had some great interactions with Harvey and his sexy lady lawyer ex who’s totally in love with him still (Donna is the best). Louis also had some fantastic moments with British Louis, the man at the other firm with his same job (played by the teacher from Love Actually).

The question of whether Harvey’s name will go on the wall next to Jessica’s is still up in the air, but who cares because that SEX SCENE YOU GUYS. It’s all I can think about. It was so hot.

What did you think of the episode? Are you thinking about the merger at all, or are you still stuck on the Rachel/Mike developments too?

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