‘Suits’ Star Gina Torres Teases ‘Insanely Intense’ Summer Finale 

Gina Torres Suits Season FinaleSome of us may tune into Suits for the chiseled jaws and impeccably dressed men, but we stay for characters like Jessica Pearson. 

Gina Torres’ boss lady at Pearson Hardman is the backbone that holds Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams’ lawfirm playground together, and now, she’s our guide to the USA series’ summer finale. Hollywood.com spoke with Torres, who teases, “The next four episodes are insanely intense and fabulous and by episode 10, things will already start domino-ing into what will be our part two.” (The USA legal dramedy is pulling a White Collar, so to speak, premiering 10 episodes in the summer and following that up with six more in January 2013.)
“It’s a cliff-hanger and also like a revving up … so you think you’re catching your breath and then we’ll take the breath right out of you,” says Torres.

And while Season 1’s finale had fans biting their nails over Mike’s (Adams) fate at Pearson Hardman, it was Jessica who was holding the cards. The series may be named after menswear, but as Torres sees it, the female characters as the glue. “The women on this show dominate. The women on this show have it together. The men on this show would be nothing without the women.”

Of course, she gives a lot of the credit to her powerful alter ego. When asked about how she gets into the character, Torres is insistent that there’s no one else quite like Jessica. “I don’t have to layer her with somebody else,” she beams. “Jessica Pearson is Jessica Pearson and she’s brilliant.” And the show boasts a wealth of sassy ladies, a crew of which Torres says she’s proud to be a well-dressed member. “These women who stand on their own and are confident and strong … I think it’s refreshing.”

But with such a great group of gals, don’t they deserve their own wardrobe-praising series? “We joke about that; we’d call it Skirts. What else would be it be?” she laughs. “It’s Skirts or it’s Pumps? No, not that. That’s something else — that’s pay-per-view,” giggles Torres.

The next episode of Suits, “Sucker Punch,” airs Aug. 2 at 10 PM ET/PT on USA, with the summer finale rolling out on Aug. 23. Do you think Season 2’s cliff-hanger can top Season 1’s?

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