‘Supernatural’: Dean’s Gay Thing, Sam’s Geek Thing

‘Supernatural’: Dean’s Gay Thing, Sam’s Geek Thing

Supernatural -- "Everyone Hates Hitler" -- Pictured (L-R): Jensen Ackles as Dean and Jared Padalecki as Sam -- Credit: Liane Hentscher/The CW


After the introduction of the Men of Letters last week on Supernatural, we knew that Sam and Dean would make their way to the bunker that held all of their research, scrolls, artifacts, and other assorted tools, and that this place would become the brothers’ home base. What we didn’t realize was just how much Sam and Dean have been craving that place of stability.

All their lives, Sam and Dean have been on the road. The only real home they’ve ever had was the Impala, and living in a car is not so glamorous or comforting. Sure, they temporarily found relief in Bobby’s house, and Rufus’s cabin, but that was Bobby’s house, and Rufus’s cabin. Sam and Dean have never had a place all their own; somewhere safe, comfortable, and permanent.

You could see the glee on their faces when they first stepped into the bunker. And how could they not feel that way: the place is beautiful! Filled to the brim with information, research, and artifacts, Sam was geeking out. And Dean? He was content to be able to take a hot shower, put on a “dead guy’s” bathrobe and slippers, and sip on some whiskey. In classy crystal glasses, no less!

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The brothers were instantly hooked. When Dean left briefly to check in on Kevin and Garth, Sam found a case in his research, and it was obvious that Dean didn’t want to leave so soon, whining, “I just got back!” Don’t worry, Dean, you’ll be back soon enough! This bunker is going to serve as Sam and Dean’s home base for the rest of the season, if not the series.

While we could spend time discussing the great comedic qualities the case of the week brought us (Nazi necromancers and a Jewish guy who didn’t know how to control his giant Golem, a man made out of clay, that his grandfather left him), I’d rather spend some time acknowledging the amazingness that was Dean getting hit on by a guy. Sure, the guy was just faking it to see why Dean was looking in to his grandfather’s death, but still. That was glorious. I think I rewound that scene about five times. I think I might re-watch it right now. And the hilarity of Sam not quite understanding what Dean meant by “my gay thing” made the situation all the better. Gay guys need to hit on Dean more. Please!

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Thanks in large part to their happiness at finding a home at last, Sam and Dean were back to their usual brotherly love this week. While they still have yet to really deal with their issues, they were having fun with each other finally. They even reverted back to some of their old codes. While talking on the phone, Sam told Dean, “I think I have something stuck to my shoe,” which meant, “I’m being followed,” and Dean immediately knew what to do. The fierce protective way Dean jumped into action to save his brother was reminiscent of Season 1 or 2, when Sam and Dean would move the sun and moon to save each other.

All in all, this week was a fun break from the intense tablet/angel/demon drama that has been plaguing the Winchesters all season. It was nice to see Sam and Dean truly happy and comfortable. That toast at the end of the episode filled me with such pride at how far the brothers have come, and I truly hope they have good times ahead for them. They are finally home! Finally happy! With their surroundings, situation, and each other! This is good.

But, this is Supernatural, and we know Sam and Dean will always be screwed when it comes to forces outside their control. So let them have this moment, because a storm is brewing. Promos for next week show that Kevin has figured out a way to shut the doors of Hell forever, so Sam and Dean need to get back to work.

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And now, the best quotes from “Everybody Hates Hitler” (there were a lot!):

Dean: The water pressure in the letter shower room is marvelous!

Sam: I still can’t even figure out how we have water… or electricity.

Dean: Yeah, well, I am putting that under the ain’t broke column.

Sam: Are you going to take off the dead guy robe?

Dean: He was my gay thing.

Dean: Ahhhh! My spleeeen!

Aaron, explaining what a Golem is: Shaped from clay, and brought to life by rabbis to protect the Jewish people in times of, I don’t know, general crappiness.

Aaron: What, do you two just break in wherever you go?

Dean: Well our dad wanted us to have a solid career to fall back on just in case this hunting thing didn’t work out.

Aaron, watching Sam and Dean warm their hands on the burning corpse of a Nazi necromancer: Oh my god. These guys are psychopaths.

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