‘Supernatural’ React: Sam and Dean Made Their Bed, Now They Have to Lie In It


Well, that happened sooner than I thought. Sam and Dean have apparently called a shaky but legit truce for the time being. I know that not all has been forgiven, or forgotten, but the brothers are back together on Supernatural. How in the world did that happen in just one episode? Let’s take a look at the catalyst forcing Sam and Dean to call it quits on their war.

After Castiel brought news to the Winchesters that Crowley had kidnapped “Heaven’s most adorable angel” Samandiriel, or as Dean affectionately calls him, Alfie, and was causing the poor angel so much pain his screams were causing supernatural incidents, Dean knew he had to save him. But he didn’t want Sam around. You see, Dean had driven all the way to where Sam was hiding out after seeing Amelia with Don to apologize for sending that fake 911 text, but also to explain his reasons behind it. Benny was in trouble because Sam and Martin (RIP) wouldn’t let him be. Dean had to do something! But Sam was furious that Dean had exploited his feelings that way, and refused to even talk about it. Dean left, officially done with Sammy.

From that point on, Dean was determined to solve the Samandiriel problem without Sam. He was convinced that he could save the day with Cas and Kevin Tran. Cas saw beyond Dean’s blinders, and knowing how important it was to save Samandiriel (since Naomi was in a panic about it), he went and got Sam involved anyway. Turns out all the brothers needed to do was simply spray paint big X’s over the angel ward symbols so Cas could do his angel thang. They were just a bit too late: after the demon Viggo shoved enough spikes into Samandiriel’s brain to figure out the factory settings of an angel, Samandiriel let slip that not only is there a demon tablet that tells how to seal the gates of Hell forever with all the demons locked inside, but there is also an angel tablet! Whoah. As Crowley oh-so-eloquently put it: Holy mother of sin! Now we know why Naomi wanted to get Samandiriel out of there so badly. I have a feeling the rest of the season will be a race between the angels and demons trying to figure out their tablets first, effectively locking their competition out of earth. I honestly don’t think either side should win: demons should definitely be locked in Hell, but as we’ve been learning on Supernatural, angels aren’t so great either. Sam and Dean should focus on acquiring both tablets.

Cas got Samandiriel out of there, but Naomi worked some serious manipulation on Cas – including some flashbacks where we got to see how she’s been controlling Cas: lobotomies! My goodness, poor Cas. I would be cowering in a corner if those memories came flooding back to me as well – and forced Cas to kill Samandiriel. Wow. Sam and Dean didn’t buy Cas’s explanation that he had to kill Alfie because he had been “compromised” and there you have it: the catalyst that brought the brothers back together. It’s not like when Cas went evil and worked with Crowley, though. Sam and Dean know something is wrong and they want to help out their angel friend.

Unfortunately, the only way this truce can last if both brothers give up their “other lives” and fully commit to this live with both feet in. That meant Sam had to say good bye to Amelia for good (after one more romp in the sack) and Dean had to cut all ties with Benny. Too bad this came at a time when Benny needed Dean the most: he was having some blood issues, and while we didn’t the full story, it was obvious Benny was in some serious trouble. I have a feeling this won’t be the last time we see Benny, and Dean is going to regret severing all forms of communication with his friend.

Am I the only one who thought after seeing Dean break up with Benny that we would see Sam go back to Amelia, abandoning his brother? I literally wrote in my notes: Nooooo Dean broke up with Benny but Sam broke up with Dean! Thank goodness we then saw Sam sit down next to Dean on the couch with a beer, ready to watch some TV. The Winchesters are back together! Both brothers have finally understood they need to be hunting, and they can never have normal lives when others need saving. They’ve both tried to have one foot in both worlds, and we’ve seen how that never works out.

As usual, Cas had the best lines of tonight’s episode, even when suffering major psychological trauma. You see, Cas has realized that in needing to be a hunter, you actually have to talk to people. He’s not so good at that…

Explaining Dean’s joke: “That’s a metaphor.”

About Dean: “That’s his serious face, yes.”

To Kevin Tran and his terrible goattee: “You look horrible.” Agreed! Shave that off your face now, please.

And the winner of the night, Cas speaking in Dean’s gruff, low voice: “I need both of you as you would say, to stow your crap, can you do that?” He got that impression down perfectly.

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