‘Supernatural’ React: What’s Up Doc?


Cas is back. He may have officially reunited with the Winchesters last episode, but the Cas we all know and love was in full force Wednesday night in “Hunteri Heroici.” He had so many hilarious one-liners and was the best version of himself fans have come to love (when he hasn’t been missing, or filled with leviathans, or depressed, or angry). He was downright funny. And he got to try his hand at being a hunter! The third wheel in this equation wasn’t a bad thing, regardless of what Dean says.

And when you combine that with the fact that the episode revolved around deaths straight out of a Saturday morning cartoon, you end up with one of the best episodes of this season so far. I say “one of the” best and not “the” best, because this season has already served up pretty amazing dark episodes, and you can’t compare that with a funny-yet-poignant hour in a fair fight. So they get equal amounts of love in my book.

But this episode definitely goes in the hall of fame of Supernatural silly-concept episodes that totally end up working. “Hunteri Heroici” now joins the ranks of “The End” (featuring a stoner orgy-loving Cas), “Fallen Idols” (Paris Hilton as a demon?), “It’s a Terrible Life” (corporate yuppie Dean), “Hollywood Babylon” (making fun of being on a show set), “Hell House” (first appearance of the Ghostfacers!), “The Real Ghostbusters” (poking fun at Supernatural fan conventions and the show itself), “Changing Channels” (parodying every popular TV show), and the all-time champion, “The French Mistake” (making fun of Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, and the entire cast and crew of Supernatural). You are in great company, “Hunteri Heroici.” [SIDE NOTE: Try saying “Hunteri Heroici” five times fast. Also, I’m trying to see how many times I can write “Hunteri Heroici” in one article. I’m doing pretty good so far!]

While cartoon scenarios are fun to watch on TV, it turns out that they can be quite deadly in reality. One of Dean and Sam’s dad’s old friends was Fred Jones, a psychokinetic now nearly catatonic and living in a retirement home, so his powers were making reality around him echo the cartoons he watches. He wasn’t even aware of what he was doing, a nice twist from villains who actually intend to cause harm. Fred’s powers make one man’s heart jump out of his chest, an anvil drop out of the sky onto a security officer, a cake explode, Dean’s gun shoots a “Bang!” flag instead of bullets, a talking cat, etc. And each scenario was lethal. Sam and Cas went into Fred’s mind and made him aware of what he was doing. He agreed it was time to get rid of his powers. He can’t stop the aging process or his mind from deteriorating, but he can stop hurting people if he no longer has his powers. Cas takes his powers from him, and he’s left to age gracefully in the retirement home, a danger to no one.

Something I wasn’t expecting to see this hour was more flashbacks to Sam’s year without Dean. It seemed we were done with these until Sam reunites with Amelia (which I assume is going to happen). So it was startling when we were given more glimpses at Sam and Amelia’s dinner with her father. It wasn’t clear where this was going until the very end, when Amelia got a call that her dead husband Don wasn’t quite as dead as we all thought. However, we know Sam and Amelia were together when Dean busted out of Purgatory, since he left her bed in the middle of the night to reunite with his brother. Is Don really alive, or is this some ruse by a demon or another supernatural element? Or maybe Don is alive, but Amelia stays with Sam. Either way, what a great way to actually make me care about Sam’s “normal” life away from hunting!

I’m still not sure what’s going on with Heaven. Cas was called up to Naomi’s office again, but we weren’t given any more clues as to why he’s being manipulated like this, forced to report on the Winchesters’ actions and then having his memory wiped. And it’s killing me that Cas has no idea that it’s happening to him, either.

And I can’t let this react end before quoting my favorite exchange of the hour. I was literally howling with laughter from this gem: Dean: “What’s the word, Cas?” Cas: “It’s a shortened version of my name.”

Well, that’s all folks.

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