‘Survivor’ Recap: What Did You Think of Blair?

ALTRemember back when Survivor was on Thursdays and on Thanksgiving they’d advertise an, “all new Survivor,” and you’d get all excited because there is nothing else on on Thanksgiving and then you’d turn it on and it’d be a clip show of all the boring stuff they haven’t show you. I hated those. But today, I miss them. Why? Because it’s Thanksgiving and I am with my family eating too much stuffing and feeling bad about my body, so there is no way that I want to be thinking about Malcolm’s abs and writing a recap.

So, I’m going to get you to write it for me. What happened last night? Did Blair get kicked off? I hope not. Did Abi annoy everyone? I’m sure she did. Was was your favorite moment? Your least favorite? Were their puzzle pieces? That one was a trick question, because there are always puzzle pieces. Ha! So tell me all about it in the comments. This Thanksgiving it is up to you to tell us all about Survivor. And I’m very thankful for all the hard work.

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