Sweet Lax, Bro: Lionsgate Developing Series Based on Lacrosse

Jake SteinfeldWell it looks like sports aren’t just relegated to the Olympics in 2012. In fact, according to Deadline, Lionsgate has optioned a book called Take A Shot! The Remarkable Story Of Perseverance, Friendship And A Really Crazy Adventure by Jake Steinfeld (yes, he of Body By Jake infamy. I know you were wondering that.) and Dave Morrow, to be adapted into a drama series. The book tells the story of three men trying to start a professional lacrosse league in an uncertain time for beleaguered sports. Coincidentally enough, the authors of the book are also the co-founders of Major League Lacrosse. Write what you know, as they say!

According to Lionsgate TV Group President Kevin Beggs and his COO Sandra Stern, “Jake tells a riveting story that we believe can translate into equally compelling television programming consistent with the Lionsgate brand.”

But sports on TV…outside of ESPN, how much of it is there? And how successful has it been in the past? Well, very, really. Take a look at our list below.

Friday Night Lights – Is there a more successful/critically acclaimed/not just for sports fans, but also for sports fan show out there? Friday Night Lights has all that AND a great sports story. This show was arguably one of the best on television, so there are high-standards out there for sports in television!

Sports Night – I know! Aaron Sorkin‘s short-lived series about a Sportscenter-esque show (he sure does love doing TV about TV this guy, huh?) had fans and non-sports fans alike interested. Sure the players and the story lines were fictitious but that adrenaline rush people get from watching sports was showcased in how these people made a show about it. Fascinating and interesting, if a bit short-lived.

The Jersey – A Disney show on a sports list? Listen to me, though: in the eyes of a kid who loves sports, could there be anything cooler than this show? Put on a magical jersey and you become your favorite sports superstar? With cameos from some of the finest athletes in the world? Come on, you know that’s cool even if you’re more concerned about AARP membership than the prize in the Happy Meal.

Eastbound and Down – Could Eastbound and Down be the funniest show about sports, ever? Why yes, yes it could. A former pitcher (Kenny Powers) from the Major Leagues has to go home and teach physical education. Amazing premise, and also still keeping athleticism (*cough*) alive and well.

And that doesn’t even begin to touch the list of popular sports-related scripted shows that either exist now or have existed in the past, such as The Playmakers which was so real the NFL got it kicked off air, One Tree Hill was about basketball and aired for 800 9 seasons, and, well, The League is simply a hilarious show. Plus, fantasy sports aficionados are really something, aren’t they?

Did we miss any of your favorite sports-related shows? Would you watch a dramatized show about lacrosse? Sound off in the comments!

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