Sylvester Stallone’s ‘Thug’ Dog: Late Last Night

The biggest problem Sylvester Stallone had a few years ago was that he wasn’t surrounded by enough men for his liking. His wife was a woman, his daughters were girls, and women were just everywhere that if there were any more women they’d be pushing each other off cliffs like lemmings and fighting for food like they were on a “Planet Earth” special. So instead of calling you to go target shooting or mailbox exploding, he told David Letterman how he got a “thug” dog.

Don Rickles, who I’m sure is quite sweet and makes a nice fruit punch for picnics, was on Leno last night and he talked about performing at casinos. And in between taking a few jabs at Native Americans, he took some time to poke Jay Leno in the ribs a bit.

Oh, and Dwayne Wade, a basketball player for a team that’s impracticably named after something thermodynamic, rapped for Leno and talked about his big hands. The average basketball player he is not!

Jimmy Fallon asked Horatio Sanz about his new series on Comedy Central. But that’s just the description Hulu gives, I don’t think they actually talk about it in this clip. But besides, you’re not going to watch it anyway, be real. But you should still watch the clip because Horatio reveals he’s going to the Stony awards, which commemorates the actors who play stoners the best.

And in order for Horatio to get the Comedy Central job, he sent in a tape of him as Larry King.