Take A First Look At ‘Ellen’s Game of Games’


Ellen Degeneres is the queen of family fun silly games.

Heads Up, Dice With Ellen, Pie Face and Speak Out are all games that make you look ridiculous and, more importantly, the entire family can play. Well, she’s back with a game show that the entire family can watch.

‘Ellen’s Game of Games’ is a game show hosted by Ellen that takes family members into crazy fun games that are going to be even more entertaining to watch with the whole family. It takes simple questions that at home may seem pretty easy but puts the contestants into stressful situations. People are chosen from the audience and then those players play four games of various difficulties, and then they go on to Know or Go. Contestants will be put on a trap door, and when they get a question wrong you can assume what happens to them. Then they play hot hands for $100,000.

Simple, easy, and fun.


‘Ellen’s Game of Games’ can be previewed tonight, Monday, Dec. 18 (10-11 p.m. ET), and will premiere January 2, 2018, on NBC.

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