Taylor Lautner Fights Off Twi-Moms: Late Last Night

Last night, Taylor Lautner showed up to talk about two of the most passionate types of Twilight fans: Twi-Guys and the very dangerous Twi-Moms, recalling one very aggressive fan in particular. Lautner also discounted the rumors that he had been killed by a group of strippers.


Also on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Herman Cain paid a visit to discuss all of the big issues of his candidacy: the numerous sexual harassment charges against him, his methods of campaigning, personal history with drug use, and his “secret recipe” for pizza.


Adam Sandler appeared on Conan to talk about his new shirt (it’s quite a passionate story), the regrettable power he has over his fans, still being unsure if Al Pacino is onboard with the movie Jack and Jill, and accidentally waking his daughter up with…bodily functions. 

Finally, Anderson Cooper swung by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to talk about developing “Anderson on Ice,” hiding from paparazzi with Lady Gaga, and his surreal experience of going spray-tanning with Snooki.