Taylor Swift is from the Jersey Shore, But Not THAT Jersey Shore: Late Last Night

Taylor Swift takes pride in her hometown on the Jersey Shore, and, as one would expect, takes issue with people associating it with a particular MTV series. Although she has a problem with this connection, it doesn’t stop her from enjoying her own MTV guilty pleasures: Teen Mom, to name one. Swift also spoke about her upcoming appearance in The Lorax, and her romantic notions of meeting a guy anywhere. Supermarket? Sure. 

Jesse Tyler Ferguson is no longer the biggest celebrity in his family. Apparently, the Modern Family star’s aunt was a passenger on the cruise ship that was infamously abandoned by its captain. And in true show people practice, Ferguson’s aunt is using this experience to garner all the press and publicity she can possibly get. Seems like she’s more of a Cam than a Mitchell.

Anjelica Huston gave a pretty interesting history lesson last night on Late Night: she discussed the days of Andy Warhol’s giant silver furniture, naked wrestling, spaghetti boats, and restarateurs singing songs from Oklahoma! while standing on their heads. Interesting stuff, Huston…