‘New Girl,’ Bringing On Taylor Swift For the Season Finale Is a Viewer-Grubbing Backslide

Taylor Swift on New Girl

No. No. No. No. New Girl is bringing Taylor Swift on board for its Season 2 finale, according to the Hollywood Reporter. And as a fan of the series and all the work it has done to come back into our critical good graces, I cannot condone this. New Girl, you are backsliding. And for what? A few fly-by-night viewers? 

It takes enough of my patience to get past Jess (Zooey Deschanel) and her doe-eyed schtick long enough to accept the true beauty of the Fox series, especially after she spent the first half of the episode in anti-feminist purgatory. Jess, in all her Peter Pan-collar glory, wallowed for 12 episodes while her roommates carried everything — she regressed right back into the position of a helpless manic pixie dream girl who can’t stop watching Dirty Dancing. Only, in Round 2, Jess was also jobless and somewhat ambitionless. One-two-punch. 

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Even now, as she and Nick (Jake Johnson) are doing the will-they-won’t-they dance to utter perfection, if it wasn’t for Nick’s ability to balance Jess, it would be almost unbearable to watch. (Does anyone else remember how sickening her canoodling with David Walton’s adorable Dr. Sam was? And not just because we wished Sam was Nick.) The fact of the matter is that Jess’ ’50s inspired, cupcake-riddled swag is about as much cutesy schtick as we can handle. Adding Taylor “I wrote this song about a certain ex-boyfriend” Swift into the mix now that the show has finally managed to strike the right balance is worrisome. 

Not to mention, as we learned very recently, Swift has a hard time taking a joke, even one from two of the most beloved comediennes in the business. How can we possible respect seeing Swift on this hilarious show when she can’t even play nice with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler?

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Look, I’m not saying combining Swift and New Girl is going to create a dragon breathing fire on all of feminismland and lay waste to all of our progress. What I am saying is that bringing Swift on as a guest star is cutesy, cheap spot of stunt casting that serves to undermine a series that has worked so hard to go from zero to genuine and heartfelt this season. 

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