Teenage Ryan Reynolds Wasn’t Very Good With the Ladies: Late Last Night

I guess Ryan Reynolds is one of those guys who gets to look back at high school and laugh. As we found out on Conan last night, it turns out 2010’s Sexiest Man Alive was never very good with the ladies. I guess it’s a good thing he’s a major sex symbol now. Also, stick around until the end for a never-before-seen “clip” of  Green Lantern.

Finally, we get the chance to see Samuel L. Jackson read Go The F*ck to Sleep. (Thanks, David Letterman.) Sure, you can go download the audio book for free, but if you can see him read it why wouldn’t you?

And again, because apparently the late night shows are all just playing musical chairs with the same guests all week, Keith Olbermann stops by to chat with Jimmy Fallon about potentially giving Anthony Weiner is own hour-long show? Hey, it worked for Spitzer.