‘Terra Nova’: Netflix Passes—Is Series Officially Dead?

Terra NovaAfter Terra Nova was canceled by Fox in early March, rumors circulated that Netflix was interested in picking up the series to produce further seasons. The video-streaming company has been working toward making a name for itself in original programming, and Terra Nova was one of the several discarded series in which it had invested interest, including Arrested Development. But news is that Netflix has decided to pass on picking up Terra Nova, leaving the fate of the science fiction series anything but optimistic.

20th Century Fox has not yet entirely abandoned Terra Nova, but the Netflix rejection seems to solidify a lack of future for the show. No other network has expressed interest in reviving Terra Nova, likely in light of its low ratings and high production costs. Major stars of the program Jason O’Mara (hero Jim Shannon), Allison Miller (love interest to Jim’s son) and Christine Adams (a primary antagonist) have found work on other developing projects, leaving Terra Nova without three of its most important characters. Considering all this, Terra Nova’s second season dreams are likely extinct. 


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