‘The 100’: The Human Race Faces Extinction In Official Trailer For Season 4

What do you do if 96% of the Earth becomes uninhabitable because an evil artificial intelligence melts down every single power plant in existence? You tough it out, throw some sick battle moves and brush off your radiation poisoning as a bad sunburn — at least if you’re part of The 100. 

CW’s post-apocalyptic drama is back for a much-anticipated season four that sees Clarke and friends battle for their lives, yet again, as the human race faces extinction.

“The nuclear power plants that were destroyed by the bombs have begun to melt down. 96% of the earth’s surface will be uninhabitable. Black rain will come first, there will be no drinkable water. Precancerous lesions will form. Death is inevitable,” said A.I. A.L.I.E. (that evil computer lady we just couldn’t wait for Clarke to defeat in Season 3). “Let me ease their pain, Clarke. We can save the human race together.”

“Pain isn’t eased, it’s overcome,” replies Clarke, which seems to be the theme for the next season and honestly, the series in general.

We know each previous season focused on one obstacle. Season one was mainly focused on the 100’s journey to Earth and what happened when they first landed. Season two was focused on the people inside Mount Weather and how they fit with the 100, and season three was focused on shifting power with the Grounders and the City of Light. It appears that season four will focus mainly on the Sky People and Grounders trying to find shelter to ride out the radiation. Will we see a return to Mount Weather? Let’s hope so!

Season four of The 100 premieres on February 1st at 9 p.m. EST on the CW. Watch the full trailer above.

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