The 5 Stages of Grief for a ‘Game of Thrones’ Death

The 5 Stages of Grief for a ‘Game of Thrones’ Death

Sean Bean, Game of Thrones

Sean Bean, Game of ThronesHBO

Game of Thrones fans are no strangers to huge, tragic, heartbreaking character deaths. We lived through Ned Stark’s “betrayal,” Viserys’s crowning ceremony, the Red Wedding, and the Purple Wedding. Now that we’ve seen enough death on Game of Thrones, we’ve noticed that the grieving process is a little bit different than the typical five stages of grief. Here are the phases we’ve noticed during the past few seasons.

The “I Totally Saw That Coming” Stage

We’re pretty sure that unless you read the books, it’s impossible to predict most of these deaths (except Viserys — the way he acted like a pompous jerk was bound to get him killed sooner or later). But if you want to insist you “totally saw it coming,” we won’t argue. Yet.

The “Express Shock on Twitter” Stage

Social media is a place to interact with people outside your immediate networks — and to contribute your slightly funny and pop-culture-infused jokes about Game of Thrones. Hey, maybe if you’re lucky enough — and have enough followers — you’ll make it into one of those roundups: “Best Use of Mean Girls Quotes in Reactions to this Truly Horrific Death Scene.”

The “Read Every Review and Article Online” Stage

Once you’ve expressed your shock, it’s time to read what everyone else is saying about the episode online. That means: conspiracy theories (especially in regard to the Purple Wedding), plot predictions, and, of course, recaps. Maybe if you read enough, the reality will sink in. (We’re not experts, but it can’t hurt, right?)

The “How Am I Supposed to Wait A Week?” Stage

This is a rough one. A week is a long time, we know, we understand. We can all hold hands and sing the Game of Thrones theme song together while we wait for the next episode.

The “Excitedly Anticipating the Next Episode” Stage

It’s time for the next episode! Finally, we’ll get some answers! Haha, nope. The next episode won’t ease the pain of a character death or help it make any sense. That one character’s demise is just part of a bigger, more complex plot. Thankfully, though, you’ll get sucked right back into the story.

Until the next shocking death, that is.