The 6 Best Moments From This Season of ‘Jersey Shore’

In many ways, this fourth season of Jersey Shore was like all the others – there was drinking, fighting, sex, tantrums, and heaps of delusion. But the one thing this cluster of episodes has going for it is the complete downfall of Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino.

In the very beginning of the season, Mike distanced himself from the group by maintaining he hooked up with Snooki while she was dating her boyfriend Jionni. Because of Mike’s track record of inserting himself into relationships and enjoying how easy it is to muck them up, the roommates sided with Snooki because she really appeared to genuinely love Jionni. And even though living with Mike for such a long period of time in a foreign country was probably an awful experience for everyone involved, it led to some fantastic television. Let’s take a look back at some of the finest moments from the past few months.

This first clip shows when Mike first told everyone in the house that Snooki cheated on her boyfriend with him while they were in Los Angeles together. Snooki categorically denied any kind of intimacy taking place between them, and the way Mike just stated that he had a track record of never lying didn’t do much for his cause.

And then, perhaps from all the stress she was under at the house regarding Mike naming her as one of his conquests, Snooki crashed her car into her police escort and put two cops in the hospital.

The unpleasantries between Ronnie and Mike finally peaked when Ronnie learned that Mike told Sammi that Ronnie said he was planning to bring 5 girls home one night. As a result, Ronnie accosted Mike and denounced him for meddling in other people’s business. Mike urged Ronnie to fight him, but before anyone could lay down the law Mike ran into a wall and concussed himself.

Things got worse between Mike and Snooki when Mike pretended he instructed one of his friends to tell Jionni that Snooki had cheated on him, and naturally the idea of Mike actively trying to sabotage her relationship made Snooki lose her mind and start catapulting wine bottles at him. You’ll notice that throughout the quarrel, Mike is smiling. This is because he is enjoying the fact he successfully got one of his roommates upset over nothing.

But the most shocking moment of the season came when an intoxicated Snooki crawled into Vinny’s bed, denied her intoxication, and had sex with him. This event was problematic for numerous reasons: one, because Mike had a blatant crush on Snooki and so him hearing that Snooki slept with Vinny was going to make her an even bigger target for his torture and two, because Snooki then had to tell her boyfriend she cheated on him with one of her roommates. But the next day, Snooki didn’t recall doing anything with Vinny and so when she spoke to her boyfriend, she only fessed up to kissing someone else — which meant that once she learned she’d actually had sex with someone else, she had to call her boyfriend back and rectify her previous statements.

Towards the end of the season, it became painfully clear how Mike’s antics made his roommates not want to be around him. And they demonstrated their distaste for his existence in a particularly great way, which was by not defending him when he got into a tiff with someone at the bar. Instead, they stood in a corner and had contests of who could whip out their tongues the farthest while Mike told someone not to mess with him, which was indubitably an attempt to get messed with.

The show’s season finale is tomorrow night, and so there’s still the possibility that Mike will apologize for being so obnoxious in Italy and his roommates will welcome him back into the group. But I must say that unless everyone is busted for illegally hunting venison in next season, it’s not going to be as eventful as everything we just witnessed and we might as well just turn our attention back to The Wire.