‘The Amazing Race’ Season 22 Winners Are…

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This is it, people: after ten countries, more than 30,000 miles, and countless eyebrow raises from the host with the most magnificent brows in the biz, Phil Keoghan, one pair of globe-trekking reality show contestants took home the million dollar prize on The Amazing Race Season 22.

So, was it hockey-playing brothers Bates and Anthony? Newlyweds Max and Katie? How about roller derby moms Mona and Beth, or country singer blondes Caroline and Jen? In the end, Bates and Anthony pulled through for the win. But here’s how they got there:

All four teams left Scotland and headed to Northern Ireland for the second-to-last leg of their race. Soon, they’d come into a million dollars just like they always dreamed! With good old fashioned hard work — snorkeling in murky bog water, running up and down stairs with lukewarm food, and spray painting graffiti at a skate park.

Aside from completely skipping over the first course on the menu, the thing about the food-serving detour that tripped up all the teams was the fact that none of them knew what color chartreuse was. Soon you’ll be telling me that most people don’t quote That Thing You Do! on a regular basis. Come on! Unfortunately, the blondes wasted too much time getting lost before they even made it to their spray-painting detour that they didn’t make it to the return-to-America final leg.

Max and Katie beat out Bates and Anthony for first place, but the three teams made it on the same flight back to the States. Once in Washington, DC they took part in some delightful espionage-themed challenges, including exchanging briefcases with men in suits and aviators and a ridiculous code phrase.

But first, the derby moms totally sabotaged themselves by assuming 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. would be close enough to 1100, which is pretty insane even in a normal town but especially so in a big city — and one with crazy-tight security in front of the former address, too. Between that blunder and the fact that they didn’t even realize that they should probably read the menu at the Titanic detour instead of just the seating chart, it’s clear they were outclassed. There’s no way they could’ve ever won this thing.

Bates and Anthony proved they are more than just athletes and not only made it to the final, knowledge-based challenge first, but also handily completed it before Max and Katie even got there. Barring the most horrific traffic jam in the world, there’s no way they were going to lose — and they didn’t.

While Katie and Max were formidable competitors (and Katie was the brains of the operation), Bates and Anthony made it to the finish line on George Washington’s estate to take home the $1 million prize.

Did the best team win? Who did you think would come in first?

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