‘The Amazing Race’ Season Finale: Who Will Win?—POLL


Another fall is behind us and with it another season of The Amazing Race. The 21st cycle of the Emmy-bait CBS franchise may have been a less heart-tugging affair than last season, when Kentucky BFFs Mark & Bopper melted the heart of anyone who watched. But season 21 has had its share of likable personalities too: witness the Chippendales. Jaymes & James take off their clothes for a living, but they quickly became faves because of Jaymes’ desire to win the $1 million to help pay for his father’s life-saving cancer treatment. Goat farmers Josh & Brent got off to a rocky start, but soon became formidable competitors. Dating couple Trey & Lexi have become a dominant force. And twins Natalie & Nadiya have either charmed or annoyed with their relentless alliance formation and seat-of-their-pants strategizing. They’re in fourth place and face a daunting speed bump in tonight’s ep. So the question is, who do you think will win? Take our poll to make your prognostication official!

<a href=”http://polldaddy.com/poll/6755932/”>Who Will Win the 21st Cycle of ‘The Amazing Race’?</a>

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