‘The Bachelor’ Recap: Week 2

S16E2: Well one thing’s for sure, this year’s The Bachelor promo did not lie. You know, the one where all the girls are completely sobbing. Not crying…SOBBING! Anyway, it totally didn’t exaggerate anything because that seems to be all the girls are doing in this season. Is this normal? I mean, I know I’ve never watched the show before, but there must be some sort of crying quota that we’re rapidly about to surpass. It just seems like an excessive amount of crying in my opinion, especially since this show is dedicated to finding true love. Sweetie, he’s not going to fall in love with you if you keep bursting into tears. But I digress.

the bachelor

“I have 18 beautiful women coming to meet me in Sonoma.” – Ben

So the drama continues as each of the 18 girls attempt to catch Ben’s eye and win his undying affection. The episode started off with the girls coming to Ben’s home in Sonoma, California since he wanted to show them where he lives and what their life could be like if they ended up with him. Once everyone was settled in, Ben came over and gave the first date card to Kacie B. and it actually went pretty well. Ben took her on a night stroll through the town and they talked, allowing both them to get to know one another a little bit better. Kacie even showed off some impressive baton twirling skills along way. Then after dinner they went into an empty theater where they watched home videos from when they were little. Things got a little emotional when Ben’s deceased dad appeared on the screen, but he seemed to feel more than comfortable in sharing a personal moment like that with her. Normally you’d think it’s a little too soon for such an intimate moment, but it seemed to bond them for the better and she ended up getting a rose. (Side note: I think it’s hilarious how he refers to her as Kacie B.)

“This is the first time I’ve ever been attracted to a sheep.” – Jaclyn

The second date card invited 12 of the other girls on a group date with Ben, which consisted of each of them auditioning and participating in a play written by a bunch of kids. So, of course, they had to do a bunch of embarrassing stuff such as acting like a weasel or a donkey. And while the girls were disappointed with their lack of one-on-one time with Ben, it turned out to be a great way for them to show off how good they are with children. As we know, Ben is extremely family oriented, so this was a chance for them to spotlight their motherly talents. Some did better than others, but Ben seemed pretty happy with what he saw. And the girls were definitely happy with what they saw since he ended up stripping down from his sheep costume in the middle of the play. You know, because THAT’s not inappropriate for children.

“It’s a war out there.” – Courtney

Back at the house, the remaining girls are getting aggravated with Courtney, who keeps going on and on about how she has an undeniable connection with Ben. And while she’s definitely one of those girls that you just want to punch in the face, she ended up receiving the third date card. Ben took her out into the woods for a private picnic with his dog to see if she can handle the small town lifestyle (since she’s more of a city girl). You can tell that Ben really, really likes her, which I have to admit is a little disappointing since she seems to have a nasty personality when Ben’s not around. Makes you wonder what she’d be like once the attention of the show is over. But sure enough, she got a rose too.


“I had no idea that things had gotten this bad this early.” – Ben

But the real drama of the night centered around Blakeley and her competitive behavior. A majority of the episode was dedicated to girls complaining about her, saying that she’s desperate and just using her body to get what she wants. I can kind of see where they’re coming from sense she does come off as overly aggressive — and she did hog Ben’s attention for an unfair amount of time, even after she received a rose. However, this show is about falling in love, not making friends, which is exactly what Blakeley is trying to do. And guess what — it’s working. She too won a rose, guaranteeing her a spot in next week’s show.

Then came the actual rose ceremony and the elimination of two girls. The good news is, now that Jenna’s gone there will be one less crier in the group. The bad news is there’s still plenty of girl drama to look forward to in the future. Wait, I’m sorry, did I say bad news? I meant great news. With 16 girls left, tempers are only going to continue to escalate and these girls are just about at their breaking point.

So what did you guys think of tonight’s episode? Did you think Blakely was way out of line with her aggressive techniques? Who do you think stands the best chance of winning Ben’s heart so far? Sound off in the comments section below!