‘The Bachelor’ Recap: Week 4

the bachelorS16E4: Now is it just me or does The Bachelor seem more about girl fights and less about actually falling in love? Is this normal? Like I said, I’m new to the show, so I’m unsure if the girl-on-girl drama is always this bad or if this season is one of those rare exceptions because these girls are definitely out for blood more-so than ever before. And just like any other reality show, as the number of contestants continues to dwindle, the stakes get higher and the incentive to win grows stronger. If love is a battlefield, I think we just entered the war zone.

“I can’t wait to share Park City with these women.” – Ben

This week Ben took the girls to Park City, Utah, so they could all experience the great outdoors together. He’s the type of guy who likes to be outdoors, so naturally all the activities were very outdoorsy. Rachel ended up snagging the first one-on-one date with Ben where he took her on a helicopter ride of the area, showing her a gorgeous view of Park City. Once they landed at their destination, they took a little romantic canoe ride together, which was even a little reminiscent of The Notebook. Everything seemed to be going pretty well until they sat down the eat and the conservation (or lack there of) kind of came to an awkward halt. As Rachel pointed out, she’s not very good at opening up to others and it made Ben feel a little less connected to her than the other girls. But after they talked about it and she came clean that she’s not the best at communicating, he decided she was worth keeping around and gave her a rose.

“It’s very hard to share Ben with everybody else.” – Kacie B.

The group date started off with Ben approaching the eight girls on a horse. (Get it, ladies? He’s supposed to be like Prince Charming). And that’s when he announced that they would be going fly fishing together, so they’d have to catch their lunch. (I’m sorry, but does that sound fun to anyone? I would’ve been in trouble on this date). So Ben tried to teach the girls how to fly fish and all the girls tried to act like they were enjoying it. Courtney for one tried to take full advantage of the opportunity and lured Ben away from all the others. Naturally, that did not go over well with some of the girls, so Lindzi went over to join them and show off her outdoorsy talents. I mean, this is the girl who showed up to the opening ceremony on a horse, so you know she loves the outdoors too and wants to share that love with Ben. So imagine her face when Courtney was the one to catch the first (and maybe only) fish of the day. It allowed her to have a nice moment of victory with Ben and rub all in the other girls faces. Yeah…it’s safe to say Courtney doesn’t have any friends in this group.

Meanwhile, Kacie B. has been having a really hard time watching Ben go out with other women. She was the first girl to get a one-on-one date with Ben, so her connection with him has lasted the longest and she’s started to feel the hurt that comes with this show. She has to constantly watch him kiss other girls and go on dates with other girls — not really the most fun thing to do, especially when you think you’re falling in love with the guy. But she talked to Ben about it and he helped assure her that she still means a lot to him, which was sweet. Courtney on the other hand tried a different approach and went by way of guilt to get what she wanted. She told Ben that even though she has a really good time when she’s with him, being away from him makes things really hard on her and has her questioning where the two of them stand. This of course surprised Ben since he’s made it clear he favors her above others, but as a way to further prove his dedication to her, he offered her the group date rose (even though she was who he was originally going to give it to). And so her evil ways triumph yet again.

Additionally that night, Ben realized he really didn’t like Samantha that much anymore and didn’t like her complaining about not getting a one-on-one date yet, so he decided to send her packing…quite literally. And another one prematurely bites the dust.

“I would be the perfect partner for him for life.” – Jennifer

Jennifer received the third date of the week with Ben and the two of them jump into a dark crater together. And while some of you may be thinking that sounds dangerous, Ben just saw it as another opportunity to overcome fears with someone (I guess he’s really big into that). So they harnessed themselves together and eventually dropped down into the deep water. Jennifer wasn’t all the thrilled with the idea at first, but once they were down there she thought it was incredibly romantic. Because you see, they’re “taking the plunge” and “diving into the unknown” together (get the metaphors guys?). Afterward Ben took her to their own personal country music concert where the two of them danced the night away. You could tell they really connected, more so than I think even Ben expected to. And add that to her top-notch kissing skills (according to Ben) and it’s no surprise she earned a rose as well. He thinks he could really see a future with her…although he’s starting to say that about most of the girls. Looks like Ben’s going to be in for a pretty tough decision by the end of the season.

“I think I’m going home tonight.” – Emily

But it wouldn’t be a true Bachelor episode without a little drama during the rose ceremony. Emily had a private talk with Ben to warn him that Courtney isn’t the person he thinks she is. She went on to say how Courtney acts differently around him than she does to everyone else, but Ben wasn’t all the receptive to it. He advised Emily to just focus on her relationship with Ben and not worry about how the other girls are acting or she’ll just drive herself crazy. I get where Emily was coming from because it’s frustrating even for me to have Ben not see Courtney for who she really is, but Ben’s right. Emily should be focused on finding love with Ben, not selling out Courtney, no matter how well deserved it would be. But, of course, word got back to Courtney that Emily was talking badly about her to Ben, which made her pretty upset. After all, no one messes with her and gets away with it.

Luckily, Emily’s little confession to Ben didn’t completely ruin her relationship with him and he ended up offering her a rose at the ceremony (Monica was the one who got sent home). But that just means the tension between Emily and Courtney is only going to continue to build. If I were Emily, I’d watch my back from now on. Next week, the gang’s off to Puerto Rico!

So what did you think of tonight’s episode? Did you think Emily had the right idea of telling Ben about Courtney or should she just have left well enough alone? Do you think he’ll ever see Courtney for her true colors? Get at me in the comments section below!