‘The Batmobile': The Dark Knight Goes From Zero to 60 in CW Special — VIDEO


The Dark Knight RisesWhen you’re only a week away from The Dark Knight Rises (as we are), you begin to take interest in every aspect of the Batman universe. You’re not just excited to see the Dark Knight face off with the villains of Gotham; you want to see him do just about anything. You want to see his lair, his costume, his gadgets… and, most of all, that car.

The Batmobile is perhaps the most idolized of vehicles in contemporary fiction; duly so, it has earned its own half-hour of television. The CW is airing a special titled The Batmobile, taking a look at the monumental supercar, its influence on pop culture, and the role it plays in Batman’s vigilantism. TDKR director Christopher Nolan even appears to talk about the role of the Batmobile.

Below is a clip from the special. Check it out, and catch The Batmobile on The CW on Monday, July 16 at 8 PM ET/PT, and catch The Dark Knight Rises in theaters on Friday, July 20. 

The Dark Knight Rises


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