The Best Celebrity Twitter Reactions to ‘The Sound of Music Live!’

The Sound of Music Live!NBC

On Thursday night, The Sound of Music Live! somehow managed to pull in 18.5 million viewers. Yes… seriously. So, if you weren’t one of the 18.5 and you don’t have a Twitter then you should probably know that the show didn’t have such an amazing viewership because it was good. Nah, it was actually pretty awful. Carrie Underwood‘s singing was perfection, but that girl has no acting ability whatsoever. Plus, Stephen Moyer took on the role of Captain Von Trapp. Yup, you read that right. Vampire Bill from True Blood played the iconic Captain Von Trapp. But hey, not all was lost. The show actually made for a hilariously awesome Thursday night due to the combination of this drinking game and the invention of live tweeting. So, in honor of this totally absurd remake, we’re taking a look at the best celebrity reactions.  

And, although not celebrities exactly, these tweets also made our list.