The Best Super Bowl Commercials 2012

Super BowlOnce again, we celebrate the highlight of the Super Bowl for the large percentage of us who aren’t quite sure what a first down is (believe me, skeptical sports fans—there are plenty of us out there). And even if you are savvy enough in the world of athletics to not need your sister-in-law to whisper insightful comments about the offensive line’s gameplay through a hidden walkie talkie so that you can prove to your cousins that you’re just as much as man as they are (they think they’re so great, with their power-ties and their discernible ab muscles), you have to admit that the commercials are some of the highlights of your Super Bowl night. So without further ado, here we have a collection of some of the most noteworthy ads from 2012’s Super Bowl XLVI.

Audi sheds some light on the vampire craze that is sweeping the nation.

A vicious King Elton John demanding bad singers Pepsi? What more could one ask for? … Maybe a Flavor Flav cameo.

Commercials are always better with dogs…

…always. Especially when they moonwalk.

A graduate gets really excited over his new Chevy…but he’s in for quite a letdown.

When you gotta go…

Jerry Seinfeld will do anything for a new Acura. Anything.

The E*Trade Baby hasn’t lost his charm just yet…and his friend is getting an early start on the dating scene.

Sometimes, people get really into their new cars.

Ferris Bueller hasn’t lost his touch…and neither has “Oh Yeah.”