‘The Big Bang Theory’ Finale: Howard and Bernadette Have a Marry Old Time

the big bang theoryWell here we are, folks. The fifth season of The Big Bang Theory has reached its epic conclusion, which means we won’t see our lovable geeks again until September. But the writers gave us plenty of food for thought over the next few months, especially now that Howard and Bernadette are officially married!

That’s right, after all these months of waiting these two lovebirds finally tied the knot. But, of course, it didn’t come easily. As Howard prepared to launch off into space at the beginning of the episode, we learned that he and Bernadette decided to get married in a small ceremony before his departure. So we flashback to a few days earlier, where the two of them tell the gang that they’re going to get married at City Hall.

Naturally, Amy was thoroughly upset given how much she was looking forward to being Maid of Honor (this day is about her after all). But after that plan fell through, Raj came up with a great idea of having them get exchange their vows on top of the roof as the Google Satellite passes over Pasadena. That way their big day could be seen on Google Earth. I know — adorable.

Meanwhile, Leonard and Penny were still going through that awkward I-proposed-to-you-and-you-said-no phase, which wasn’t helped by the fact that oblivious Sheldon kept bringing it up — but seriously, what was Leonard thinking telling him? But even amid their snide remarks and exasperated stares at each other, you could tell these two aren’t about to let a little thing like a mid-coitus proposal break them up. Get ready to see a lot more of their couple-y cuteness next season.

In the end, though, the whole crew ended up coming together for Howard and Bernadette’s wedding day. In fact, Raj, Leonard, Penny, Amy, and Sheldon all got ordained for the event, so they could be the ones to perform the ceremony. It was incredibly sweet — even the parts that were in klingon.

And as Howard boldly went to where no nerd has gone before (well, on this show at least), his friends watched in wonder as their dear friend headed off into parts unknown. Sheldon even voluntarily held Amy’s hand while it happened! As for Howard fate on his journey into space… that will have to wait until Fall.

What did you think of BBT’s finale? Were you happy to see Howard and Bernadette finally get married? Do you think he’ll have a safe return from space? What fate lies in store for the Penny-Leonard/Sheldon-Amy relationships? Perhaps we’ll be seeing wedding bells in their future too, someday.

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