‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap: Bachelor Party Gone Viral

the big bang theoryThroughout the nearly five seasons it’s been on air, The Big Bang Theory has made us fall in love with its strange — yet insanely intelligent — set of characters. And while we’ve come to appreciate each of their quirky little traits, the show has proven to be at its best when the characters show true affection for each other. Whether it’s when Penny sings “Soft Kitty” to Sheldon or when Bernadette made Amy her Maid of Honor, it’s times like that which weed out the average sitcoms from the true TV greats. “The Stag Convergence” demonstrated just how far BBT has transitioned from the former to the latter.

In honor of Howard and Bernadette’s impending wedding, the guys decide to throw Howard a bachelor party. Sounds pretty normal, right? Well, the odd part is, Howard says that he doesn’t want any strippers. Now the Howard Wolowitz we’ve all come to know has always been a dirty, perverted man stuck inside a little boy’s body (remember all those failed attempts to hit on Penny?). So you’d think he’d most certainly jump at this opportunity. But the guys do as he requests and prepare a dinner party where, of course, massive amounts of boozing ensues.

Somewhere between Stuart’s money troubles and Sheldon’s bachelor speech zingers, Raj decides to have one too many grasshoppers (the girliest drink known to man) and begins recounting Howard’s rather unconventional sexual history. Losing his virginity to his “second” cousin, hooking up with a stripper in Vegas, even his questionable threesome with Raj and an overweight girl at ComicCon — it all comes out. What none of them realize though (besides a whiskey-eyed Sheldon) is that Wil Wheaton is recording Raj’s entire speech and even posts it on the internet for all to see — including Bernadette, who was completely in the dark with her soon-to-be hubby’s string of questionable trysts.

Meanwhile, the ladies are having their own little girl’s night, which comes to a screeching hault once Bernadette goes on the internet and hears far more intimate details about Howard’s past than he’d ever shared. Like any normal woman, she’s hurt and confused about what this means for their future together. She even begins to have second thoughts about the wedding. But then Howard shows up at her apartment and makes a speech that is incredible un-Wolowitz of him, saying that the guy he used to be doesn’t exist anymore because she made him a better man. It’s surprisingly sweet and shows us for the first time really how much Howard cares for Bernadette. That part of their relationship isn’t usually highlighted that much, so it was nice to see some raw emotion come out of Howard that wasn’t wreaking in sexually inappropriate undertones.

Of course, she forgives him and the wedding is still on, leaving Amy able to breath a sigh of relief that she still gets to be a Maid of Honor. (Which is the biggest concern here, right?) So everything is as it should be.

What did you think of BBT’s latest episode? Were you surprised and pleased to see a softer side of Howard? Do you feel more confident in their relationship now? Sound off the the comments below!