‘The Big Bang Theory’ Renewed For Three Seasons

Sheldon Cooper played by Jim ParsonsSo here’s a no-brainer: CBS is renewing The Big Bang Theory for three more seasons. Apparently, network executives like having the number one comedy on Thursday nights. Who knew?!

The deal is similar to The Eye’s 3-year extension of Two and a Half Men from a few years ago, except without everyone getting pissed off about it. Warner Bros. Television produces both Men and TBBT and in order to renew Men back in December 2008, WBTV sued CBS for $49 million to cover license fees and production-cost reimbursements — which probably was the cost of just trying to make sure Charlie Sheen didn’t do coke off of a stripper’s chest while filming the show. Anyway, the suit was eventually settled in March 2009. Since then, TBBT broke out as one of television’s most watched shows (with its leading actor, Jim Parsons, grabbing an Emmy) and there’s been a few changes in its production costs. Now, reports are that licensing the show from WBTV will cost CBS over $4 million an episode, nearly quadrupling the sitcom’s current fee.

This is all fine and dandy, except for one thing. Despite giving us funny and clever comedy for the first three seasons, the most recent one has started to, frankly, suck ass. With three more seasons to continually regress, it seems that TBBT is on a sure-path to financial success despite producing terrible, terrible television. All while other brilliant shows like Community hang by a thread, just waiting to get chopped into a bloody mess only to eventually turn into a cult-classic on DVD. Thanks, America!

Source: Deadline