‘The Big C’ And ‘Weeds’ Will Be Back in 2011

Mary Louise ParkerGood news for fans of funny, slightly unusual leading ladies, The Big C and Weeds will both be back for more next year. Cathy Jamison and Nancy Botwin will be charming their way through Showtime’s lineup for at least a bit longer.

And boy, are they charming their viewers. The six-year Showtime veteran seems to have brought its strong following along for the ride because the Weeds season premiere and The Big C’s series premiere raked in a truckload of ratings – 1.26 million viewers back in August.

If you missed the boat on The Big C, apparently now’s the time to catch up. Audiences are loving Laura Linney as a woman with terminal cancer – and it’s no wonder. She could be Nancy Botwin’s strong-willed, long-lost sister or cousin. She’s outspoken, quirky and, at times, even brash – but in the most adorable way. And who wouldn’t love a woman who answers her big bad news with an indulgent meal of only desserts and liquor? Plus the show features Hollywood darling, Gabourey Sidibe, as one of Cathy’s similarly outspoken students.

As for The Big C’s sister in arms, Weeds, I guess the fan base is just that strong. Though Nancy’s managed to keep it moving, she’s lost some of the fire from the series’ first few seasons and crazy Celia is kaput. (You can’t see, but I’m making a huge sad-face right now.) Not to mention, Shane Botwin’s gotten just a little too creepy, if you ask me. Call me crazy, but I’m not the only one who thinks so. The show faced mixed reviews when it made its return in August. Still, the ratings is what keeps a show going and as these shows continue to rake them in, we’ll be sure to see them coming back for more.

Source:The Wrap

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