3 Reasons ‘The Boondocks’ Can’t Come Back Soon Enough

The BoondocksAdult Swim/Cartoon Network

Okay, let’s address the bad news first. The creator of The BoondocksAaron McGruder, is not going to be a part of the show’s forthcoming new series. This is tragic, horrible, unfortunate news. Will the show be as awesome as it was in the past? Maybe not. Will everything we love about the show be exactly the same… or better? Well, we can only hope. While it’s disappointing to know that McGruder is not on board, we still can’t help but get excited for the April 21 FX premiere. Here are three hilarious clips to help you get excited too. As if you aren’t already losing your mind over the return of Huey, Riley, and Thugnificent!

Speaking of Thugnificent

So many questions for our favorite thug with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication! Last we saw, Otis was working for UPS. Will he try to make a comeback in the rap game when the new season  kicks off? Will Sway make any guest appearances? And what’s the status of his hair?

Riley, in All His NSFW Glory

It’s impossible to pick one Riley Freeman moment, which is why we’re grateful to the YouTubers who’ve made these excellent compilation videos. Riley defending R. Kelly  and “the whole peeing thing”? EPIC.

Huey, We Love You

He’s militant, he’s intelligent, and he understands the complex racial and social politics of R. Kelly. We need more Huey in television and, thus, we need more Boondocks.