‘The Carrie Diaries’: About Carrie and Sebastian’s [Spoiler], Plus: Season Finale Scoop

Carrie Bradshaw and Sebastian Kidd broke up again on The Carrie Diaries

In the grand tradition of teenage love (and most TV relationships), the end of the penultimate episode of The CW’s delightful Sex and the City prequel series, The Carrie Diaries, saw a teenage Carrie Bradshaw (AnnaSophia Robb) and her impossibly handsome boyfriend Sebastian (Austin Butler) break up. Again.

But this time it was different. After dragging her BF, who’d recently dropped the “I love you” bomb, to a hip launch party for Madonna‘s new concert tour, Carrie planned to have sex for the first time — that “Like a Virgin” was Madonna’s big single at the time was no coincidence. Unfortunately, Carrie repeatedly ditched the dreamy Sebastian throughout the evening to help out a friend with a work assignment. Although he didn’t mind at first, Sebastian finally confronted her about bailing on their special evening and they broke up.

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“She kept doing what I feel like a lot of girls do, which was she kept apologizing so she kept putting a magnifying glass on something that wasn’t really bothering him,” Carrie Diaries boss Amy Harris explains. “And then at the end, I think he was super pissed off at her that she hadn’t said I love you [even though] he knew that she felt that.”

Of course, Carrie’s tendency to over-analyze is what draws Sebastian to her in the first place. “The problem with her overthinking things is what makes her so different,” Butler tells reporters after a screening of the episode. “She thinks about things in a different way than most girls in high school do. She understands things on this deeper level.”

That deep connection is why the breakup ended up happening in the first place. “I think they’re in a surprising place at the end of that breakup,” Harris says. “I think the earlier episodes when they broke up when he found out about the teacher was filled with a lot of anger and [they kind of felt like] ‘let’s back away from each other.’ This one is just sad for both of them.”

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The Season 1 finale picks up two weeks after the botched night out, and we’ll find out if this breakup will stick. “It kind of gets revealed in the next episode what happens, how he feels,” Butler says. “It’s one of those breakups where it’s like this explosion that neither side really wants but it feels like there’s no other option.”

Essentially, this is not the last of Carrie and Sebastian, Harris teases. “For me the fun of Sebastian and Carrie is relationships have a lot of ups and downs and are very complicated. What I like about Carrie Bradshaw is she can make a lot out of nothing, and then sometimes she’s looking at it in just the right way. So it’s a journey for her. … So much so because of their chemistry together as actors, this is a relationship I want to keep mining for as long as I can.”

Although the finale centers around the Castleberry prom, “It might not actually be prom for a lot of people,” Harris says. “[Episode] 13 is more iconic for its New York experiences, I think, than the prom.”

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So, what can we expect? Walt, who’s struggled with his sexuality all season, is “going to be forced to face his choices a lot sooner than I think he wanted to, and it’s going to have some pretty dramatic effects on everybody,” Harris says.

Plus, there will be a special nod for Sex and the City fans. “We won’t see, but we’ll get an introduction to one of the Sex and the City characters … that we might meet over the summer.” (For the Carrie Diaries book fans, no, it’s not the one she meets in the book.)

The Carrie Diaries airs Monday nights at 8 PM on The CW.

Are you surprised Carrie and Sebastian broke up? Are you sad it’s time for the season finale already?

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