‘The City’ Is Canceled

Whitney PortThe Hills’ younger step sister apparently just can’t go on without her big sis. Brace yourselves, because the news ain’t good. Despite MTV’s effort to deny the rumors for the past few months, it’s true. The City is canceled. In an interview with Ryan Seacrest earlier today, Whitney Port confirmed that the fashionista-fueled show is no more. “As of right now it doesn’t really look like we’re doing it anymore,” she told Seacrest.

Now, while I take a moment to celebrate the expulsion of all things Hills-related from the television waves, I’m going to give the fans a moment to take a deep breath and process the news. It’s going to be okay, I promise.

Ladies (come on, you know the fan base of this show is mostly female), before you get too upset, I must make a case for logic. Even with its increased ratings this last season, topping out at 2.3 million viewers for its post Hills-finale season ender, it still can’t touch the success of its classless classmate, The Jersey Shore. Even though their ratings were down from last season, the guidos and guidettes still managed to pull out 6.1 million viewers for their farewell to Miami this season. That’s more than double The City’s viewership. Ouch.

Now, I’m not saying The Jersey Shore is any healthier for us to be watching, but I will say that it’s way more entertaining. No offense, but I don’t want to watch young girls with amazing jobs and wardrobes and apartments bicker and fight and complain about their problems. Nope. No sympathy. Sorry, ladies. But watching the GTL gang drink until they’re dizzy, wearing sunglasses at night in fogged out clubs, fist pumping to house music, hooking up and striking out, and screeching and hair-pulling is far more entertaining and makes me feel better about my own circumstances. Everybody wins.

Farewell, The City! We hardly knew ye; but it’s not that bad. MTV already reported that Lauren Conrad would be back to her old reality ways next season and let’s be honest, a marathon of old Sex and The City episodes is a way more effective way to get your cosmopolitan fix.

Source: Village Voice