‘The Cleveland Show’ Gets Third Season

ALTFox announced today that The Cleveland Show, the Family Guy spinoff based on Peter Griffin’s neighbor, has been renewed for a third season.  The animated series  was this season’s highest-rated half-hour program among teens and adults 18-34, despite being labeled “Family Guy in blackface” by at least one critic.

Seth MacFarlane, creator of Family Guy, executive produces The Cleveland Show with Mike Henry, who helps write and contributes voice work, along with Rich Appel.  The spinoff also features voiceovers from Sanaa Lathan, Reagan Gomez, Kevin Michael Richardson, and Jason Sudeikis, as well as Arianna Huffington, curiously, in a recurring role as a Greek bear.

So, yes.  This is good news for people who like The Cleveland Show, and apparently, there are a lot of you.  Although I’ve personally never watched either this show or American Dad, I’m happy for those of you who have!  While I’ve somehow managed to bumble through life without meeting a single one of you, I am sure that you are good people.

Source: EW