The Clock Stops: FOX Cancels ’24’

24Source: The Hollywood Reporter

After thwarting nuclear and biological threats, attempts on his daughters life and multiple Presidential assassinations, Jack Bauer is finally headed into retirement. Due to annual production costs raises, sinking ratings and “creative fatigue” experienced by many of its principles, FOX has officially announced that it will end its long-running, real-time action drama 24 in May.

This season, the program’s 8th, has long been rumored to be its last, but executive producer Howard Gordon and exec-producer/star Kiefer Sutherland had been hinting to a possible 9th mission since this January’s season premiere, as well as a baffling move to NBC (that the network passed on) which was reported last month.

Still, fans of Bauer and the operations of CTU may be in luck as Gordon has told The Hollywood Reporter that “There are other possible iterations of Jack Bauer and his world”, including a developing theatrical film that takes Bauer to Europe.

In retrospect, Gordon says: “I’d like it to be remembered as a revolutionary concept. I hope the second thing is that we loved this show so much and never did anything less than our best and I hope we delivered to our fans like we feel we did to ourselves.”

Most fans will be saddened by the ending of the series and will be following news on the proposed feature feverishly, but in the meantime, they can look forward to a strong finish coupled with the current New York-based storyline taking a dark and creatively risky turn for the final episodes, says Gordon.