‘The Closer’ Prepares To Close It Down

kyra sedgwickIt’s going to be a little strange when Kyra Sedgwick’s teeny tiny sweet southern drawl retires from bringing perps to their knees on TNT’s The Closer. The show brought about a new style for the network, proving that they could produce compelling original programming, too. While the lady-fueled crime drama can count itself among some of the most-watched shows of all time (basic cable edition), its viewers of late have dwindled to a group of older folks. Despite the continued decent ratings, the show isn’t pulling in audiences that advertisers feel they can sell to, so they’ve decided to pull the plug after the seventh season runs its course.

At least The Closer knows when to fold ‘em. Sometimes it’s much better to make the decision to bow out gracefully instead of trying to fight for a few more measly episodes only to be cut off at the knees. And when a show reaches past 6 seasons, it’s essentially a senior citizen. At least now The Closer can spend the rest of its time on the air waves relaxing in the world of syndicated reruns like so many retired programs before it.

Source: Hollywood Reporter