Whoever Decided to Include Bloopers in Every Episode of ‘The Crazy Ones’ Is a Genius

Whoever Decided to Include Bloopers in Every Episode of 'The Crazy Ones' Is a GeniusCBS

CBS advertisting sitcom The Crazy Ones has a weird energy, and doesn’t seem to know quite yet what it wants to be. It’s sometimes mean-spirited, sometimes saccharine, with Robin Williams buzzing around wildly and poor Sarah Michelle Gellar relegated to playing the dour, all-business straight woman. And let’s not even get started on Lauren, the bimbo assistant (Amanda Setton). Her character is so pointlessly offensive that it almost distracts from the sheer perfection of James Wolk’s face. And that’s not easy to do.

Thus far, the best part of every episode has been the tag. Some brilliant person, to whom we should send a nice muffin basket, suggested that each show be capped by a mini gag reel. We can imagine that the dailies must be packed with Williams riffs that will never see the light of day — it’s only right that we get at least a taste. And it’s genius marketing. Right as you are thinking to yourself, “Did I enjoy what I just watched?,” The Crazy Ones says, “Look. Look at the pretty people laughing! Didn’t we have fun, all of us? Didn’t we?” And maybe we did.

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