The Dos and Don’ts of Dating from ‘The Mindy Project’: Love’s Letter Lost Edition

Allison Williams, The Mindy ProjectSaturdays: definitely never a day you should have to work on — that’s like, a rule of government or something, right? If it isn’t, it should be. Unfortunately for the gang at The Mindy Project it was mostly work and barely any play for our gynecological office du jour, when Dr. Castellano calls Shauna, Betsy, and Morgan into hustle for that dollar bill on the weekend. Only instead of working, the group dig through Dr. Castellano’s personal items and find a letter he wrote to his ex-wife. So naturally, they read the whole thing, get really sad, send guilt-ridden text messages to Danny, and then mail the letter. Wait — WHAT? Yep, that’s right. Morgan mailed the letter. This is so not going to be good, for anyone’s health.

For Mindy, the night started out simply enough: a date with a nice, employed gentleman who was nice on the eyes. They went on a carriage ride in Central Park — gosh, how Old New York of them — only to be shocked out of attraction after the horse is hurt and a nearby cop is forced to shoot it to be humane. Choice quote includes: “Why don’t you web design him back to life!” as a retort to Mindy’s date reminding her she’s a doctor and could save the horse (she couldn’t save the horse, she’s not a veterinarian!). So Peanut Butter the horse gets shot in the middle of Mindy’s make-out session/date. Looks like this one wasn’t the one for her.

But that’s OK because it’s time for a best friend weekend! Only…your BFF’s kid has to come, too! Man, being an adult is the worst. She tries really hard to be open-minded about Gwen’s kid, but in the end, Mindy — with help from Danny — cause a broken bone, all in the name of bunk bed building for child appeasement. But what is this? Girls‘ own, Allison Williams is here? Marnie! I never would’ve pegged you to be so persnickity about birds. It sure does seem like the chemistry is flowing between these two! Ooh la la! Something tells me this love affair might throw Mindy for a bit of a loop.

So what did we learn this week? Oodles! Check out our dating dos and don’ts — as prescribed by our darling Mindy — from this week!

1.) Don’t forget that Saturdays are for one thing: brunch! Or cartoons if your name is Morgan.

2.) Do bring breakfast for your employees that work on Saturday: It’s all about being the best you can be on all fronts. Also breakfast foods are the most delicious of all of the foods.

3.) Don’t be afraid of a romantic carriage ride in Central Park: Sure it’s cheesy, but it’s also sweet! Or don’t do them, too, if you’re into the humane treatment of animals. Totally up to you!

4.) Do abandon a carriage ride when the horse gets shot dead: Dead animals are a total chemistry buzzkill.

5.) Do not forget about your friend’s children: They’re here …and they’re not going anywhere until they’re at least 18, unfortunately.

6.) Do know how to pronounce Twitter and Facebook: What are you, a luddite? My grandmother’s on Facebook, Castellano. Step up your game.

7.) Do offer your help when called upon: It’s the friendly thing to do!

8.) Do not be afraid to make something with your hands: We’ve lost that skill as a nation, don’t lose it in yourself.

9.) Don’t do directions: A real man never does.

10.) Do know who Marlon Brando is: Seriously?

11.) Do make pirate jokes when you like a girl: Arrrrrrr you ready to kiss on the mouth?!

12.) Do write love letters: But DO NOT mail them if they’re not your own and especially if they involve your boss’ ex-wife.

12.) Do try to be the man your boss’ wife wasn’t: Only actually definitely don’t do that because that’s totally the worst idea anyone’s ever had.

What do you think of this week’s episode of The Mindy Project? Let us know in the comments!

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