The Dos and Don’ts of Dating from ‘The Mindy Project’: Thanksgiving Edition


Ready to dig into the tasty, tasty Thanksgiving episode of The Mindy Project? This week we see the return of perfect potential boyfriend Dennis (played by the too-adorable-for-words Ed Helms) and a meal for the ages. Well, two, really.

First, Mindy’s boyfriend Josh comes over (with his sweet, sweet panini press set-up) to cook Mindy a romantic, energy-drink laced meal. Jazzed on Red Bull, he admits he’s not ready to be exclusive, therefore bursting Mindy’s boyfriend bubble. Then, there was—of course, this is a Thanksgiving episode, you guys—the big turkey day, complete with a turkey carcass and Murse Extraordinaire, Morgan. And who’s there, but Dennis…and his new, Mindy 2.0 girlfriend, Gita. Reeling from the admission that her boyfriend doesn’t want to be exclusive, Mindy tailspins out of control and into one of Gwen’s dresses to try and seduce Dennis. The plan, of course, backfires and best friends become ultimate fighters. (But don’t worry, this sort of fight happens once every 8 years.)

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Meanwhile, Dr. Castellano is spending his holiday with the little mouse in the office, learning how to really nail those Billy Joel songs on his keyboard. Aww, poor little Danny Castellano: forever alone (just kidding totally not forever alone because one day he and Mindy will fall madly in love, because duh). Betsy takes Jeremy with her to her family’s Thanksgiving festivities to experience a Real America.

So what did we learn from Mindy and Co. this week? Tons! Check out the dos and don’ts of dating from tonight’s The Mindy Project!

1.) Do let him cook you dinner: but stay away from that Red Bull Glaze.

2.) Don’t let him avoid the ‘exclusive’ conversation: You need to know before he comes back riddled with STDs and you don’t want him anymore!

3.) Don’t let him chain you to his basement wall: Because that’s creepy. Even if the sentiment is sweet, Morgan.

4.) Do let him take a lean: Dudes love a strong lady who can hold them up after they’ve cheated death (in a really, really hilarious way).

5.) Don’t let being a mess get you down: And if you are a mess, at least be a hot mess.

6.) Do flirt up a storm in retaliation: When your boyfriend doesn’t want to be exclusive and your best friend trades you in for a newer model, you hereby have my official permission: slut it up!

7.) Do be more like the weather: Wild, crazy, unpredictable. She’s like the wind, you guys.

8.) Don’t be afraid to throw down: Whether it’s with your best friend or your best man, sometimes you have to get down and dirty.

9.) Do let your best friend kick your ass: Because every time she does, something good happens.

10.) Don’t forget to spend the holidays with someone you love: Family (adopted, related, or otherwise) is important.

What did you think of this week’s The Mindy Project? Let us know in the comments!

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