The Feud Continues: ‘Glee”s Matthew Morrison Responds to Jonah Hill’s Threats on ‘Late Night’

Matthew MorrisonAs you might have seen last week, a very flustered Jonah Hill visited Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to share some hilarious, but incredibly hostile, anecdotes about Glee‘s Matthew Morrison. While at a Fox network party, Hill overheard Morrison making a joke about the comic actor…something he found very unsettling.

So, Hill went on Late Night to publicize his new feud with Morrison, and demand that the Glee star “bring his s**t.” All this can be seen here. All this can be seen here (and is very much worth the watch — there’s nothing better than an overwhelmed Jonah Hill). 

However, Hill probably wasn’t expecting such a speedy, and well-choreographed, reaction.
Last night on Late Night, we got Part Two of the Hill-Morrison feud: Matthew Morrison shared a very Gleeish video accepting Jonah’s challenge, and showing off some of his own chops. Morrison was very insistent that he could, despite Hill’s remarks, “sing his way out of” pretty much anything. Best of all, Morrison took things a step further and demanded Late Night face-off with Hill.

Will the feud escalate to epic proportions? We can only hope. Hill vs. Morrison could be this generation’s Ali vs. Liston.