The ‘Glee’ Gang Poses For Senior Class Photos

School is about to be back in session for our favorite classmates of McKinley High School and it’s sure to be the best year ever — they’re seniors! And of course it wouldn’t really be fall without those dreaded class photos, but this group makes it look positively Glee-ful. The Glee gang get ready for their upcoming season with these photos, which look so great and really define everything we love about them. Rachel’s hopeful gaze (with microphone in hand), Santana’s cheerleading attitude, and let’s not forget Artie’s awesome pucker. Their awkward poses and animated expressions make Gleeks everywhere think that summer just can’t end fast enough so we can get back to seeing what kind of year awaits our New Directions members. The characters stare off with looks of wonder — Will I fall in love this year? Is Mr. Schuester finally going to give me a solo? How many slushies are going to get thrown in my face? — the group has a bright future ahead of them and we’re just happy to be along for the ride. Check out the first look at Glee‘s season-three cast photos below and pick your favorite poses. I’m personally loving Santana’s sassy pom-pom pose, but they all look great. September 20 can’t come soon enough. But until then…enjoy!









Source: E!