‘The Killing’ Finale: Rosie Larsen’s Killer Is…

The Killing Season FinaleThe Killing has been a veritable thorn in many a television fans’ sides since it first aired in April 2011. While it came out of the gate as a fast-paced, thoughtful, stylized thriller, it soon descended into a drawn out Law and Order episode, with its infamous red herrings thrown in to extend the mystery. It started to feel like we were on a mystery treadmill. Just a few more miles and then we’ll finally find the answer. Well, the workout is finally over. We’ve finally learned who killed Rosie Larsen.

It was the teen’s free-wheeling aunt, Terry Marek, who killed the young woman. But there’s a catch: She didn’t know the girl she’d killed was Rosie. Terry was wrapped up with property developer Michael Ames, who Rosie witnessed conspiring with Darren Richmond’s campaign manager Jamie Wright and Casino manager Nicole Jackson to help Richmond win his mayoral bid.

Wright’s been our main suspect for the past few episodes, and in truth, he did most of the brutal work. Wright noticed Rosie when she witnessed the elicit meeting and his confrontation bore a fight. Rosie hit her head, Wright threw her in the car, and took her into the woods where he chased her and beat her before finally placing her in the trunk that would send her to her doom. But Wright wasn’t the one who actually sealed the young girl’s fate.

While Wright and Ames were arguing and Wright lamented his inability to kill the teenager, Marek was waiting in her car for Ames. She hopped out and quickly drove the car, with an audibly screaming Rosie in the trunk, into the water, only to find out that she had just killed her niece.

So, after traipsing through a suspect list longer than the New York Knicks roster, are we satisfied with the horse the AMC series ultimately settled on? In truth, the murder lies on all three horses – Ames, Wright, and Marek. Terry was simply the one to actually pull the metaphorical trigger. All three were aiming to cut the young woman’s life short. With this conclusion, we feel justified for suspecting some political intrigue all season and for suspecting the realistic conclusion (as we’ve learned from watching an unhealthy amount of Law and Order) that the killer is usually someone close to the victim. It also served as the final emotional explosion for a family that’s spent two years grieving the loss of their young daughter. No matter how frustrated viewers might be with the plodding pace and erroneous leads throughout the series’ two seasons, it’s impossible to deny the power of watching Michelle Forbes (who plays Mitch, Rosie’s mother) in the penultimate scene in which she finds out that her baby sister has committed this ultimate betrayal.

Were you satisfied with the outcome? Or was it frustrating to spend so many seasons on other suspects only to have a ringer thrown in at the end? Sound off in the comments!

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