‘The Killing’ Is Killing AMC’s Ratings Streak

The Killing AMC Season 1The Killing closed its first season to tidal waves of anger. Fans and critics were so miffed when the bevvy of red herrings served to delay the reveal of young Rosie Larsen’s killer, that (we can only imagine) TV sales saw a spike after a whole community of viewers rose up at once, throwing veggie crisps, burnt cookies, DVR remotes, and luke warm beer bottles at their televisions in anger. We don’t have the TV sales numbers, but rest assured, fans were upset. We do, however, have the second season premiere’s numbers, and unless those folks simply failed to replace their televisions over the past few months, that anticlimactic finale cost the crime series its audience. 

Both Mad Men and The Walking Dead surpassed ratings records in March. The Walking Dead earned almost 50 percent more viewers in its key demographic during its Season Two finale than it did during its Season One Finale. And Mad Men set the record for the highest rated episode for the series to date when it premiered on March 25. 
The Killing, it appears, is the Jan Brady of this ratings puzzle. It not only premiered to a fairly low rating of 1.8 million viewers, but that number is a 33 percent decrease from the first season’s premiere. To be fair, Mad Men also suffered a ratings dip of 17 percent, from 3.5 million during its premiere, to just 2.9 million April 1. Still, it seems that one of the two managed to maintain its pop culture footprint, despite the dip — the Consternated Detective Linden meme has failed to gain any real traction, meanwhile “Fat Betty” even has her own Twitter. 
If this downward shift continues, it won’t be too hard to solve the mystery of who killed The Killing.


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