‘The Killing’ Recap: A Soundless Echo

S1E4: The Killing has us guessing. In its fourth installment, it quickly proved that everybody and anybody can be — and will be — a suspect. The show has embraced what it wants to be, and now, it’s running with that. “A Soundless Echo” didn’t necessarily push the plot forward a tremendous amount, but it investigated characters and the world that we’ve come to know over the past few weeks. It’s a classic case of “the more you know, the less you know,” and you know what? It’s just awesome.

“Dear Rosie, You’re an old soul in a young person’s body.” -Bennett’s Letter

There’s always been something a little strange about Rosie’s relationship with her teacher, Bennett. As her teacher, he was quick to defend her and her actions, and at the same time, praise her for her intelligence. Those suspicions of mine were confirmed this week when Linden found his letters to Rosie in her bedroom. We only had the opportunity to see the first and last lines, but regardless, numerous handwritten letters from a teacher to a student speaks to a relationship more than just teacher-student. Whether that’s romantic, who knows, but there’s something. Combine that with the end of the episode, when Holder follows Sterling’s tips to the end of the bus line and a center for the Richmond campaign and finds the “After School Hoops” team picture that includes Bennett and, well, there’s something going on there. But like the rest of the things we learn in The Killing — we’ll just have to wait to find out if it means anything.