‘The Killing’ Recap: Beau Soleil

The KillingS1E12: Well, shit. After last night’s season finale setup, The Killing proved completely how much the show screwed up this season. Darren? Really? Darren? I guess it makes sense that he’s connected to the murders — I mean, why else would we have spent the entire season with his stupid storyline — but, c’mon. Darren! The end of “Beau Soleil” definitely gave us the impression that Darren would be and is the murderer of Rosie Larsen, a reveal that I’m sure caused most viewers (like myself) to groan. But what, me, groan even more? Well, the fact is that he’s actually probably not the killer and this is all just one big set-up the writers are using to, once again, pull the rug out from underneath us in next week’s season finale.

“I KNOW WHAT YOU DID” -Linden’s email

Let’s talk for a second about how terrible of detectives Holder and Linden are because, seriously, what kind of detectives wait 11 days after a murder to check a missing 17-year-old’s internet history? Especially in a day and age where kids tend to record their entire lives online, wouldn’t that be the first spot to go? Ugh. Anyway, so the detectives discover that Rosie is involved with some type of high class escort service called Beau Soleil, which considering Rosie is a young, attractive female, the idea that sex was involved with her murder — specifically prostitution — isn’t that outlandish of a thought. But of course, The Killing treats this reveal like it’s the most amazing and shocking thing to happen to anyone ever and frankly I can’t decide if the reason for that is because a.) the writers assume that the audience is really, really stupid or b.) every single plot twist in every single episode of The Killing is considered to be the most amazing and shocking thing to happen to anyone ever.

Anyway, so Rosie had been making deposits to ATMs under her Aunt Terry’s name, so Linden and Holder question her regarding the cash. Where’d it come from? Why does she have it? How is she involved with this escort service? Turns out, Terry worked for the service but claims that Rosie wasn’t involved and just handled her cash deposits. She also reveals that a few weeks ago, on the online message board dedicated to warning girls about clients, a woman named Celine posted a warning about a guy named Orpheus.

“What are you doing?” -Darren

Now, who’s Orpheus? Well, initially it seems like Tom Drexler is Orpheus. He has all the attributes you want in the creepy, serial killer type: he’s a coke addict, a slob and he’s rich. Plus, he has a pool on his ceiling where he likes to let young woman swim as he watches them. Creepy? Totally. Serial killer material? Probably. But he’s clearly not Orpheus. To no surprise, as has been the case in nearly every episode in the series, The Killing has no tact when it comes to revealing a big plot secret. For example, remember the first subject, Rosie’s ex-boyfriend Jasper (the pill popper video gamer), and how extremely obvious it was that he wasn’t the killer? The writers did everything they could to scream and point at him and say, “Look! See! He’s creepy! He’s the killer!” And then followed up with that by saying, “Oh, wait. Nope.” To me, Tom Drexler seems to be that exact same type of character: somebody who’s just too obvious.

As the episode moves on, we learn more about this mysterious “Orpheus” and it becomes apparent that Drexler might not be the top choice for murderer. They learn that he doesn’t fit original description as Celine says he “didn’t seem like a killer.” So, what happens next? Well, Linden investigates it further and ends up at Darren’s apartment (a scene that was conveniently set up with Darren lying through his teeth to the press and apparently taking advice from his colleagues in earlier episodes to use his wife’s death to get some compassion votes) and as he takes a call, Linden hears Darren’s email signaling in the other room as she talks to a guy from the police department who tells her that the email she sent Orpheus had been opened. She asks him to send another, so he does, and she hears Darren’s email go off again. And again. And again. She peers at his computer screen and sees the emails, just as Darren enters the room and asks what she’s doing.

Honestly, I will give the writers credit and say that the reveal of Darren’s connection was pretty clever. It was a little convenient that Darren had all of his email accounts linked and the sound on his computer set really high, but I guess I’m willing to let it slide. What this all means for the case, though, I’m not certain. Next week brings us the season finale (potentially series finale), and I will genuinely say that I’m curious to see how it all plays out. The reason for that, though, is simply because I’ve invested so much time into this show that if the plot doesn’t pay off, I’ll spend the rest of my life annoyed.

Anyway, I think Gwen did it. Thoughts?