‘The L.A. Complex’ Breaks Ratings Records… for the Lowest Broadcast Debut Ever

L.A. ComplexThe L.A. Complex premiered on the CW on April 24, and it’s been in the news ever since. Although, the reason behind the buzz is a bit of a downer: The series set a low-ratings record. Maybe there is such a thing as bad press?

Only 646,000 viewers tuned in for the premiere. Translation: lowest-rated in-season broadcast drama debut “on record.” Translation: its future looks really, really atrocious.

The soapy series, imported from Canada, stars Degrassi’s Cassie Steele as an aspiring actress who moves from the Great White North to L.A. in search of fame. Hopefully her character’s move to America goes better than that of L.A. Complex.

[Image: Darren Michaels/Courtesy of Epitome]


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