Andy from ‘Parks and Recreation’ vs. Morgan from ‘The Mindy Project’: Who Is the Ultimate Lovable Doofus?

Mindy Project/Parks and RecreationFOX/NBC

It seems that every sitcom heroine needs a loveable fool by her side these days. Weird and well-meaning co-workers are the new wacky neighbors. The Mindy Project has Morgan Tookers (Ike Barinholtz), a registered nurse at Mindy’s practice, and Parks and Recreation has Andy Dwyer (Chris Pratt), shoeshine boy, administrative assistant, body man, and fake FBI agent (depending on the time of day). We’ll compare their goofball résumés. You vote on which lovable doofus reigns supreme.

Charming Simplicity

Morgan once attended the funeral of an elderly grandmother vowing to “catch whoever did this.” Then again, he’s savvy enough to know that the winky face is basically “Emoji porn.” And we have to assume — for the sake of the patients of Shulman & Associates — that he did graduate from nursing school. He knows science!

Andy’s credentials, on the other hand, are a little thin. He’s come a long way from the aimless loser who drunkenly fell into the pit behind Ann’s house. But he’s still mostly a student in the school of life, plus one community college course in Women’s Studies.

Winner: Andy


Andy may not have been the best boyfriend to Ann, but he’s been a steadfast, if immature, husband to April. And he’s devoted to Leslie, who he credits for changing his life. But don’t count out Morgan, who’s ready to do anything for Mindy… including allowing her to sleep with him since a record number of his exes found true love immediately after hooking up and breaking up. Then again, he did sue her for harrassment when she changed her mind. Still, let’s not forget that Morgan has done time. Not a bad guy to have in your corner.

Winner: Morgan

General Eccentricity

Andy’s weirdness is garden variety. He’s a child, he’s a frat boy, he’s a golden retriever puppy who can talk. Morgan might be from another planet altogether.

Winner: Morgan

Pratfall Aptitude

Nothing on Barinholtz and Morgan’s creepy (usually shirtless) writhings, but Pratt (true to his name) has proven himself to be a master of physical comedy. Think of Andy falling from the monkey bars onto his face; running gleefully out of the hospital just to smash into the side of an ambulance; or sneezing his head into a wall while trying to hang his one gold record. No contest.

Winner: Andy

For us, it’s a toss-up… although going on gut alone, we’d have to put Andy on top. Cast your vote below and defend your choice in the comments!